The Truth of One’s Desire

Namaste namaste, my friends. Today’s subject is desire. What is desire really?

According to the Bhagavad Gita, desire is something natural to the Self, something natural to the heart. The soul wants to love, the soul wants to live, the soul wants to be happy; but because of the contact we have with the material world, desire takes a form that separates us from our essence, and separates us from our union. Yoga means “divine union.” So, we’re born on the stage of illusion, not knowing who we are or why we’re here. And as we’re born in this space, we start to desire material things and worldly experiences. This isn’t bad, it’s just not the right answer.

So, we’re talking about how when our desires aren’t fulfilled, we get annoyed or angry because we’re so attached to our desire and we live on the plane of desire. We don’t live connected, we don’t live in divine union.

Of course, the idea is to reach that place of connection and divine union, and align our desire with a universal intention, where it benefits you just as much as it benefits everyone else. So, how interesting! That today in quarantine, we’ve put breaks on our desires. This virus is stopping all plans, projects, and desires of everyone. So the question is how will we respond? Will we get frustrated, annoyed and angry because we’ve interrupted our desires? Or will we use this as an opportunity to look within and find out which are the desires that balance us and which are the desires that are useless? We’ve cultivated a lot of desires that make us unhappy. So now is an opportunity to really look within and connect with yourself, discover your essence, and see what desires are healthy, and what desires are unhealthy. That’s today’s message.

Namaste, Haribol.

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