Namaste my friends. We’re just finishing up our class on the Bhagavad Gita, the book in which Krishna teaches and speaks to us about transcendental wisdom of yoga. Today we’re studying a very important teaching in which Krishna says “I am the cause of remembering, and I am the cause of forgetting.”

So, this means that, in reality, everything has to do with desire. If you want to remember who you are in this world, if you want to remember to live in the plane of consciousnes, to really live connected with your true spiritual purpose, to live from your heart, The Divine will give you the knowledge to find the path to truly go forth in the correct path of enlightenment.

However, if you’d like to forget and say “No, I’m young, I have a good life, I want to enjoy my life. Don’t talk to me about things like yoga or meditation. I just want to enjoy, please!” If you want to enjoy life and forget about God, then Krishna says “I, too, am the cause of your forgetting. No worries. You will forget, no harm done. You can go about a normal life, enjoying it.” Of course, this path is a bit dangerous, because living in illusion clouds the mind and consciousness, we break the laws of karma, we cause suffering and create karma. And as a result, we suffer.

So, the correct path is the path of remembering. The path of remembering in our heart who we are. So, if you ask, you will get answers. These answers will come when you really want them. So that’s the message of the Gita where Krishna tells us “I am the cause of remembering in your heart. I’ll make sure you remember. And if you want to forget, you’ll also forget.” Love is not forced; it’s spontaneous. Love is free. So, we live under that principle of free love, which is the true goal of the heart.

Hari OM

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