Namaste my friends. We’re just finishing up our class on the Bhagavad Gita, the book in which Krishna teaches and speaks to us about transcendental wisdom of yoga. Today we’re studying a very important teaching in which Krishna says “I am the cause of remembering, and I am the cause of forgetting.”

So, this means that, in reality, everything has to do with desire. If you want to remember who you are in this world, if you want to remember to live in the plane of consciousnes, to really live connected with your true spiritual purpose, to live from your heart, The Divine will give you the knowledge to find the path to truly go forth in the correct path of enlightenment.

However, if you’d like to forget and say “No, I’m young, I have a good life, I want to enjoy my life. Don’t talk to me about things like yoga or meditation. I just want to enjoy, please!” If you want to enjoy life and forget about God, then Krishna says “I, too, am the cause of your forgetting. No worries. You will forget, no harm done. You can go about a normal life, enjoying it.” Of course, this path is a bit dangerous, because living in illusion clouds the mind and consciousness, we break the laws of karma, we cause suffering and create karma. And as a result, we suffer.

So, the correct path is the path of remembering. The path of remembering in our heart who we are. So, if you ask, you will get answers. These answers will come when you really want them. So that’s the message of the Gita where Krishna tells us “I am the cause of remembering in your heart. I’ll make sure you remember. And if you want to forget, you’ll also forget.” Love is not forced; it’s spontaneous. Love is free. So, we live under that principle of free love, which is the true goal of the heart.

Hari OM

The Truth of One’s Desire

Namaste namaste, my friends. Today’s subject is desire. What is desire really?

According to the Bhagavad Gita, desire is something natural to the Self, something natural to the heart. The soul wants to love, the soul wants to live, the soul wants to be happy; but because of the contact we have with the material world, desire takes a form that separates us from our essence, and separates us from our union. Yoga means “divine union.” So, we’re born on the stage of illusion, not knowing who we are or why we’re here. And as we’re born in this space, we start to desire material things and worldly experiences. This isn’t bad, it’s just not the right answer.

So, we’re talking about how when our desires aren’t fulfilled, we get annoyed or angry because we’re so attached to our desire and we live on the plane of desire. We don’t live connected, we don’t live in divine union.

Of course, the idea is to reach that place of connection and divine union, and align our desire with a universal intention, where it benefits you just as much as it benefits everyone else. So, how interesting! That today in quarantine, we’ve put breaks on our desires. This virus is stopping all plans, projects, and desires of everyone. So the question is how will we respond? Will we get frustrated, annoyed and angry because we’ve interrupted our desires? Or will we use this as an opportunity to look within and find out which are the desires that balance us and which are the desires that are useless? We’ve cultivated a lot of desires that make us unhappy. So now is an opportunity to really look within and connect with yourself, discover your essence, and see what desires are healthy, and what desires are unhealthy. That’s today’s message.

Namaste, Haribol.


Who is the Guru?
In the practice of Yoga, we find the presence of a Guru, or of the many Gurus that exist. A Guru is a teacher who shows us the path the walk on.Those who are further on the path than we are, possibly because they have walked this beautiful path long before us. To all of these teachers, we thank them for the strength the have to have brought us this beautiful message y for making it comprehensible for our capacity of understanding. Although the Guru shows us the path, it us up to us to decide to follow the instructions or not to.
But who is a Guru? In this world, the Guru can appear in many forms, or through a person who is spiritually connected. The Gurus are those beings who inspire you to be a better person each day. So we could find a Guru even in nature or in an animal. 
At the same time, we shouldn’t confuse ourselves thinking that the Guru is a perfect person, that they cannot make mistakes. We should find the perfection inside of ourselves knowing inclusively that we are not perfect, that we can also make mistakes, however we should not blame ourselves for not being perfect. We make the effort (Tapas), and we do not criticize ourselves or torture ourselves (Ahimsa).
At the same time, we shouldn’t wait for our teachers to be perfect. All the teachers are also making their effort one day at a time to be in their highest.
The Vedas tell us that a true Guru is Paramatma: Param (The Supreme), Atma (Alma); the Supreme Soul that is in your heart. The process of embarking on this journey called Life, and to return to God, is to listen attentively and honestly to this Guru that is always with you.
Om shanti om
En la practica del Yoga encontramos la presencia del Guro o de los muchos gurus que hay. Los Gurus son nuestros maestros. Los que nos muestran el camino a recorrer, los que ya estan mas adelante que nosotros, posiblemente porque han caminado este hermoso camino mucho antes que nosotros. A todos Ellos le agradecemos el esfuerzo que han hecho por llevar este mensaje tan hermoso y hacerlo entendible a nuestra capacidad de comprencion. Si embargo el Guru nos ensenara el camino, pero somos nosotros los que decidiremos llevarlo a cabo o no.
Pero quien es un Guru? En este mundo el Guru puede aparecer de muchas formas o a traves de una persona capacitada espiritualmente. Guru es aquel que te inspira a ser cada dia una persona mejor, entonces podemos encontrar Gurus hasta en la naturaleza y en los animales. Al mismo tiempo No debemos confundirnos pensando que el Guru es una persona perfecta, que no puede cometer errores. Debemos buscar la perfeccion en nosotros sabiendo inclusive que no somos perfectos y que tambiem podemos cometer errores, sin embargo No podemos culparnos de no ser perfectos. Hacemos el esfuerzo (Tapas) y No nos autocriticamos, o Torturamos (Ahimsa).
En la misma manera, no debemos esperar que nuestros maestros sean perfectos. Todos los maestros tambien estan haciendo el esfuerzo dia a dia de ser mejores.
Los Vedas nos dicen que el verdadero Guru es Paramatma: Param (Supremo) Atma (Alma). El Alma Suprema que esta en tu corazon, y el proceso de recorrer este camino llamado vida e ir de vuelta a Dios es el escuchar atentamente y honestamente a ese Guru que esta contigo.
Om Shanti Om

Primera entrada de blog

Namaste a todos mi amigos y lectores de este nuevo Blog. Debido a muchos pedido de saber acerca de los cursos y actividades de yoga que vengo realizando a decidido abrir esta pagina de yoga con la intención de poder transmitir y anunciar las diversas actividades de yoga que realizo como son los a de yoga, seminarios, retiros y clases de yoga en Latinoamerica así como en el resto del mundo.

Espero que sea de su agrado y pueda servir para poder traer mas luz y entusiasmo en sus vida y en su inquietud de aprender y crecer en este camino de luz.


Chaitanya Nitai